Friday, April 11, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

All my Juice Plus+ friends are at the big conference in Phoenix this weekend and I am completely jealous. They are learning some great new information about new bonuses and some delicious protein bars!!! Meeting people like Dr. Sears...I mean come on he is America's pediatrician!! I am in awe of all the knowledge they will bring back and hopefully share so we can put it to good use. Hopefully I will be able to attend the next one in Memphis?

Have the best weekend and enjoy some links too:

Have troubles with allergies? Well we don't any more.

It would be horrible to be these parents, not because I think what they did was wrong but because everyone else does.

A year without sugar? hmmmm


Marriage is work and anyone you tells you different is lying

I've been debating going back to school, but Dr. Sears as a Health Coach Certification Class? hmmm

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