Friday, March 1, 2013

Enjoy Your Weekend

My little volleyball star has her first tournament game tonight. We are hoping for a win but sadly the girl inherited my athletic skill which is slim to none :( and even more sadly she does not have a competitive spirit. She is really just there to socialize with friends, which I guess is good too. They all enjoy her company and are not so competitive that they resent her inability to hit the ball over the net. But maybe this being her FIRST tournament she will rise to the top?! What fun events do you have going one?
Quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and sugar snap peas

Sketchers is in a heap of trouble, as they should be, over their new line of shoes called Daddy$ (pronounced daddy's money)

The kids love building forts all over the house, here is some inspiration

For my daughter's birthday party I am thinking of making up some of these t-shirt bags as the goodie bags using toddler sized Ts?

Also have you been following Dana's Celebrate the Boy!? Her and Rae are making the cutest boy stuff, easily transferred to girl as well.

And how about some Quinoa granola? hmmmm


  1. I'm sad to say I've never tried quinoa...I have always wanted to. It looks delicious. I think you have finally given me the inspiration to try it!


    1. Mia it has become a staple in our house since this post. Just remember to rinse it really well before you cook it. Good luck!


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