Friday, April 5, 2013

Enjoy Your Weekend

So how's your weekend shaping up?
I am heading to Indy to pick the kids up from my parents house. I have definitely missed them this week. It was nice and quite around here and bit easier to get things accomplished, but having kids is half the fun! I will judge just for a second, single people or couples without kids cannot complain about having no time. This almost alone week made me realize just how much of my time is preoccupied by those three little kids. 

Whhaaat?! You can freeze an avocado?

There is a lot of space in a small apartment if you style it right.

Made these asparagus this week, kids verdict was don't make them again, shame too cause I LOVED them, back to a drizzle of olive oil with balsamic, sea salt and a squeeze of lime to finish.

Try my yummy recipe for chewy, non processed, like Quaker, oatmeal bars.

We are huge Walking Dead fans over here so this little diddy about 33 frustrating things had us rolling, I always wonder how Carol's hair never gets longer?

And now that AMC has moved on to my Mad Men, season 6 premier this Sunday!

And a nice remembrance of Rodger Ebert...

Enjoy your weekend!

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