Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners Strength

Today I am cherishing my children just a little bit more, hugging them a little tighter and holding my tongue and using patience as much as I can. When tragedy strikes I usually want to hide in the basement; I am not one to stand up first or run to help, I wish I was but I wont lie I'm not strong enough yet. My heart is lighter knowing that there are better people out there than terrorist. There are stronger people working to pave the way for our future, to help without a thank you.

A favorite blog of mine, Tomboy Style, did a nice profile on the first woman Boston Marathon runner, Katherine Switzer. She ran with a spirit in her heart to finish, not thinking of the implications she would have on women in sports. I have only recently started running myself, accomplishing two 5ks, one this past Sunday. The strength I feel after running is amazing, something I didn't believe when people spoke about it. I feel like I can conquer the world and that life's road blocks are but trivial details along my path to victory. So, I am not surprised that those marathon runners were the first to run towards the disaster and help out. It is a strength I am just now developing that a runner has, a fearlessness. To know that you can run for 26 plus miles without stopping, and then run straight into the smoke to help, to the hospital to give blood is a strength only few will know.

I hope that we do not dwell on all the recent tragedies that have struck our nation.  I hope that like a runners strength we will lift ourselves up and run straight into our disasters without fear and help.

*updated: a runners response

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