Friday, April 12, 2013

Enjoy Your Weekend

I've been really stressed out with the kids lately, this little list was a nice refresher course to remember the little things. I decided last night to take all that stress and put it to some good use! I emptied out some of our more junk filled cabinets and organized them. It is far from perfect but it was a refreshing start. If you are more OCD about your organization, I Heart Organizing is the best site for tips and ideas.

I have a daughter with BM problems. One of the contributing reasons to why we went to no processed food. Eating whole foods has helped but she still struggles to keep her rhythm in check. I could write novels on the subject but Raising Healthy Eaters addresses the issue nicely.

Two recent posts about independent kids... do you let your kid cross the street by themselves? Do you let your kids play outside?In our neighborhood we are firm believers in letting the kids "do their thang" They play outside with little to no supervision and check in as needed. Yes an adult goes out to check on them, we live on a medium traffic cul-da-sac and I feel confident that this little bit of leeway we give the children makes them better and stronger.

A couple of my favorite bloggers are hosting an awesome giveaway right now from Consumer Crafts, check out their great up-cycle tutorials!  Dana Made It, Make and Takes, Prudent Baby, and Petit Elefant

Do something more this weekend...COOK, CRAFT, ORGANIZE!

You can thank me for it later ;)

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