Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! Resolutions...

Did you make any good resolutions this New Year? I made one that I am really excited harder.

I know sounds totally mundane and not exciting at all. But for me this has a couple of different pieces.

  1. Work harder...around the house, keeping it clean, throwing things away and making it ready to sell/rent! (that's another long post)
  2. Work life with the kids, keeping the hubs happy and generally enjoying the time we have together.
  3. Work work, my normal job, my blog and my new adventure as a Juice Plus+ Consultant which leads me to my favorite part
  4. Work harder at being healthy and SHARING how I am staying healthy and happy, by blogging more and talking about Juice Plus+.
Last year we gave up processed foods for lent and were able to accomplish that for 40 long days. While we have let some processed foods back into our lives we have been able to learn to enjoy more and more healthy foods which makes everyone feel better. 

I have been taking Juice Plus + for about two years now, and I was a total skeptic in the beginning. Actually I still am, but if it aint broke don't fix it. I started taking the Juice+ and had just gotten pregnant with my third child. I was so sick with the first two that I prepared myself to be throwing up all over again, but for some reason that didn't happen, I felt great! Was it the Juice+, I don't know but I kept taking it anyway. 

Next I got my son on the Children's Health study so that he could receive FREE Juice+! My allergy, irritable boy went this fall without one allergy med. He did use his eye drops here and there but I didn't have to pump him full of meds! I am solo excited to see how spring goes this season when his allergies are in full effect. 

Lastly I have started my even more skeptically then me husband and daughter on the Juice+ train, no huge improvements quite yet, but flu season didn't seem to hit our house as horribly as it has in the past.

This could all be coincidences, I mean we have been eating healthier in general and part of eating healthy has been working out and taking care of ourselves. Everything has played a factor but like I said if it aint broke don't fix it. So we are on the Juice+ train and now I want my friends and family to see if some strange coincidence happen when they start taking Juice+

All of this goes together you see...Work harder at being healthier and everything starts to fall into place.


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