Monday, February 3, 2014

Coincidence? Maybe

OK maybe I am not supposed to be telling you this...since I am supposed to be talking about how eating fruits and veggies and no processed foods has made our family so much healthier and that now that we take Juice Plus+ we are sick less. Miracle cure and all right?

But that is not reality and I live in reality. So here it is straight...this weekend, Saturday, I got really sick. Like lay in bed all day with aches and pains, coughing up a lung, 102 fever, in and out of sleep all day barely moving sick. It was terrible :( now mind you I haven't gotten sick like this in a long time, but also I am not a very sick person to begin with, usually maybe once or twice a year did I ever get REALLY sick. I was sad to be sick especially since I just started selling JP+ and I wanted to be able to say how healthy I have been (which I had been until Saturday). I was mad at JP+, but I doubled up on my dose anyway and was lucky enough that we had nothing going on and the hubs was able to step up to the plate and let me actually be sick, not the push thru mom sick. I know that even when I take JP+ that you will still get sick, because come on even the Dali lama gets sick sometimes. I just didn't want it to be me.

As I slept I suspected that this was the flu that had been going around our office. Taking people out like a plague one by one; two days of work missed here a week there or just coming to work and grin and bearing it and infecting the rest of us. But to my very pleasant surprise I woke up Sunday morning, bright and cheery. The only sickness left in me was a soar throat from all the coughing I had done. I do sound a bit 1-900 still, if you know what I mean. Honestly I could sing some great jazz right now. 

This was my "Aha" moment. My flu/sickness was nothing compared to what other people had. Was it the Juice Plus+? Was it a different flu bug? Was it the fact that I don't really get very sick anyway? Was it because I doubled up on JP+? Was it because I was able to rest for the whole day? Who knows, it could all be a coincidence, but I am doubling my JP+ till I feel a hundred percent, just in case. 

Juice Plus+ is like my insurance policy. I don't think my house is going to burn down anytime soon, but I have fire insurance just in case. I am glad that I feel better today and glad that I wasn't bogged down with sickness as bad as others have had it. A little piece of me feels a bit invincible now too. If it was the juice plus maybe I should join that government healthy study where they are injecting people with the flu just to see what happens?! Right now with my little bottles of JP+ I feel like I could be just fine in that study. 

Have you gotten the flu this season?

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