Friday, February 14, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

Happy Valentines Day if you are into that sort of thing! From my Facebook feed you would think it is Christmas morning. Shots of everyone's kids and all the stuff they got for valentines day and stuff they are taking to school that was thoughtfully picked out from the drug store or handmade from something they saw on Pinterest. I mean we all know this is a commercial holiday, heck they all are pretty much at this point. But you know the economy has picked up with they way everyone seems to have gone all out for the day.

Now let me not lie and make it seem like I have not given into the love fest, remember contradictions. Last year I was super on top of making the day special for the kids, starting with homemade pop tarts. But this year, not so much. I had no desire to even get out of bed today. Tired, over thinking stuff and well having a small pity party for myself lately. Thankfully though the hubs woke up bright and early went and worked out and his gift to me was waking the kids up and getting them breakfast. It was just a small act, but it made a huge difference in my morning. He even had the above flowers sent to my office yesterday. Lets see how fast I can kill them?

Happy stay home and fold the laundry day :)

Happy sneak into your brothers bed day!

Happy eat your eggs over lettuce, steak, red chili and pickled garlic day!

Link Time

Had Planned to make a ninja turtle version of these for the Bubbie, but his school decided not to allow treats this year, so lazy mom went with store bought boring ones 

What are schools feeding our kids?!

I really want to go to this bacon festival!

These parents obviously love their kids more than I do.

Quick reference list of non GMO foods.

And because we all want to eat heart shaped crap

Really Canada?! Free beer for Canadian's at the Olympics

Am I the only one that doesn't care that Barbie is on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Here's to shaking off the bad mojo and having a great weekend!

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