Friday, January 31, 2014

Enjoy your Weekend

The perfect breakfast above. I make it almost every morning with variations. But basically it is one farm fresh egg cracked into a pan, break the yolk and spread it around a little, dash of salt and pepper, sprinkle of shredded cheese, corn tortilla on top (before everything is cooked so you have to move fast) flip it over, sneak a pad of butter under the tort and top as necessary. Today we went with homemade red chili, but yesterday I used blue cheese and lettuce, sometimes avocado :) yum. One of my favorite blogs ohdeardrea does a recurring post about things on toast, maybe I should starting doing things on eggs? Maybe I should learn to take better pictures? hahaha

Oh well on to the weekend, we actually have absolutely nothing planed this weekend!!! Only one volleyball game but Kiddo is with her dad, so all we have to do is show up! We are hoping to accomplish some of our to do items. The long debate about moving and selling the house vs. not selling continues; but either way we have somethings to fix up around here and hopefully we will get off our lazy butts and do some of it.

Linky time

Ask better questions of your spouse, friends and loved ones. I know my son never answers me when I say, "How was your day?" but he always has an answer for "What did you have for snack?"

A beautiful look at dying and how to say goodbye

A cute guest blog post by my friend Jenny about Juice Plus+ and the benefits she has see as a registered dietitian.

Do you know how much protein is in coconut flour!

Just some facts about the State of the Union Address

I hate some of the pop ups this site has but this is a good look at what being a working mom is about and some even better advice!

The most awesome timeline of food every!

 I have a disco ball tucked away in my basement and I am tempted to bring it out now! Oh and a chalk board :)

And if you missed it, the Best Wine and Cheese party!

Enjoy the weekend with some healthy eats!

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