Friday, February 28, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

I saw the above most disturbing thing at the store today!! Ok the first cart is mine filled with organic and non organic fruits and veggies. I loaded them on the belt to pay for all my goods; about $150 worth of groceries (I usually shop at the farmers market but today I was roped in by a couple of coupons I had). The lady behind me loaded her stuff up next. The first think she put on the cart was about 5 or 6 large bottles of vitamins; multi, magnesium, B and others. Now mind you I am not a snooper (contradiction here since this is exactly what I did) but I kept watching this lady unload more crap so much so I took a sadly blurry picture because I was flabbergasted! Ok back to her load of stuff...after the huge pills of vitamins came the Doritos, and Fritos and krispy kream donuts, a bag of cookies, taco stuff and something that looked like sausage? I kept staring at her and she must of thought I was crazy but I just kept thinking maybe if she bought less processed food she wouldn't need so many vitamins? I was SOOO nosy in fact I stayed behind to see what her bill came to, about $150...I guess you get what you pay for

Kids Juice Plus+ Chewables all laid out ready for consumption. The first row is one of each for mister (1yr) the second is two of each for Bubbie (4yrs) and the last is two of the red/green for Kiddo (10) she is refusing the purple just to be a stinker ;)

KIMCHI over Eggs on a tort

Rainbow spread at a Wine and Wellness Party my friend thru to help support me!

Baba Indian Buffet was a much needed break in between volleyball and soccer.

Salad every day!

I am the best at peeling these in one peel. Go in thru the butt (thats what she said, hahaha) but really poke a whole thru the bottom not the top part that connects the fruit to the tree. Perfect peel every time!

Kids tucked in for a long winter nap...I tried to tell them they all have their own beds.

Linky Time

I sort of think this is stupid?! I know to restrain my child you don't need to make a thousand laws to tell me how, and I love being able to travel with my less than two year old for free...

Just a couple of food regulations the government likes to gloss over.

I am always wondering what apps to download for the kids?

Hard to imagine it right now with it being so cold but we are already booking camps for the summer. Overnight for the kiddo at Camp Ernst and day camp at the Zoo for the bubbie (his first time!)

The life of a working mom, and tell me again why I decided to get a side job?

Do your kids collect anything? I collected rocks when i was little, the kiddo currently has a thing for pandas.

This takes paper dolls to a whole new level!

What do you think of the FDA's new nutrition labels?

Live Life to the Plus+ this weekend! 

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