Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creating Our Own Tradition

What Lent is actually 46 days?!
I was trying to look up some general information about what Lent is and what are some of the traditions. WOW there is a lot of information out there, I think this is less about religious sacrifice to us and more about taking on a challenge. We are not super strict about following the more traditional rites but I would like to create a couple rules of our own.

Enjoying the Lenten season our own way:

Fat Tuesday!!

Yes we will gorge on all the left over processed food in our house; chips and dip for dinner, ice cream and popsicles for dessert

Ash Wednesday

Supposed to be a day of fasting...don't know if we are down for that? So how to incorporate this into our week? Hmmm

Will we eat meat on Fridays?

Yes. One, my kids don't love fish so it will be a hard sell, I will try though. Two, there are many other better reasons for God to not let me into heaven so I am pretty sure He will let this one slide. In fact in my heaven, bacon comes on the side of everything!

Church EVERY Sunday?!

We will try, but no gurantees here. My real church will be planning the weeks meals and cooking/prepping food to make this REAL food challenge easy.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Real food is not only eaten at dinner. My kids love Eggo waffles and nutella for breakfast, but is that really a healthy start to the day? Little Man wants hotdogs and mac&cheese for lunch everyday, but again not a healthy choice. I will work to find alternatives like making my own waffles.

Is eating out ok...?

I think eating out is fine. I work fulltime, drive kids to and fro, cook, clean (well not too much) and manage the house. I believe that entitles me to a break once in a while. It wont be often and I will push it to be healthier-ish.

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