Friday, February 15, 2013

Enjoy your Weekend

My Valntine and his bounty
This first week has been pretty easy so far.... planning ahead has really been the key. I will say I probably would have loved to sit down on the couch every night and do nothing, but taking the time to make lunches or a batter for waffles, cut veggies or any of the above helped tremendously at keeping this REAL food promise. I will work hard to keep this plan ahead mentality over the weekend.

We are headed to the St. William's fish fry tonight. Pina usually works delivering food and I sit and hangout with no one since I am not from that part of town and sadly my extending family can't make it tonight. What are you doing this weekend? Keeping your own Lenten Promise?
Here are some links to keep you entertained:

Did you know you can cheat on Sundays?

Train Table as a coffee table, genius

My favorite kill time gif site

Making one of these shirts for the little boys this weekend

My daughter does Irish dance and all her friends are going to St. Louis for this feis

New waffle recipe to try

Have been debating over a year on buying this lunch box, hmmm?

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