Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Today was Fat Tuesday! That means we donned ourselves in our finest green, purple, gold and beads and ate until our bellies were filled with so many yummy PROCESSED deliciousness that we could eat no more.

Little man's choice:

Fish Sticks, Fries, Granola Bar and Goldfish
I am hoping it will make keeping our promise easier if there is less processed food in the house. I can see this is going to be hardest on the kiddos; which I think was my real intent.  They seem to quickly reach for the granola bars, Eggo waffles, griddle sticks, goldfish and chips before any thing else as they are "easy" snacks. Maybe with food being a little "harder" to grab they will see those carrot sticks and apples as the "easy" go to snacks.

My daughter is accutely aware of this new endevor already questioning if they are able to have certian foods, "Mom, is ranch processed? What about tortillias?" I want to show them that we can create yummier REAL versions of these comfort foods. Maybe they will appreciate the effort that goes into making the food a bit more and not just eat to eat. Show them that food is not readily available all the time to stuff our faces with and create better relationships with what they put into their bodies.

Real food is good food

Pina's Last Meal:

Skyline Chili of course

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