Friday, February 8, 2013

Making a Lenten Promise, 40 days

     I wouldn't say that I am an overly religious person or actually a very religious person at all...but I went to a Catholic High School, I have kids in Catholic grade school and well I have always liked the idea of making a Lenten promise. Forty days of sacrifice, forty days of giving something up, forty days of constantly reminding myself that I can be better. Many of my Lenten promises have stuck, I gave up a 2 a day pop problem now I barely drink the stuff, I gave up candy now it is only devoured at Halloween and my favorite I gave up saying no and found myself crazy busy for forty days but after it was done I realized I could do more than I ever thought. So long story short I am making another promise and I have my whole family on board.

Forty Days of Real Food:

  • No boxed meals

  • No prepackaged food

  • No processed food

     Our little family of now five has always been pretty good eaters; salad and vegetables with almost every meal. The kids were good with our "one bite" rule, one bite of every food before you could be finished. BUT that has all changed since our Mister arrived five months ago (and if I'm truthful with myself even before then). Now dinner time has become a battlefield. My darling 9 year old daughter and 3 year old son refuse to eat almost anything put on their plates unless it is deep fried, breaded, processed and comes with some sort of sauce packet mix. And don't even get me started on anything vegetable like! They may take a bite or two (after a huge drama filled melt down) but the amount that they take in does not equal even a serving :( And now with Mister ready to try new foods I fear deeply that I will have another bad eater on my hands.

So the Promise begins, Forty Days of Real Food.

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