Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Meal Planning

We had a wonderful weekend! I don't know how it happened but everyone got along and we had such a good time just hanging together as a family. We cooked breakfast together, played games, went to the gym. Can we say it was the lack of processed food in our bellies that helped? Hmmm...doubt it but it was a weekend filled with smiles.
Cooking breakfast together: REAL oatmeal, cinnamon apples, sausage and made applesauce for Mister
We found the perfect waffle recipe, will talk more about this later, need to do some tweaking 
How you can tell you are shopping in a hippy store ;)

Just a friendly "Words with Friends" game

Weekly Meal Plan:

Monday: Left overs, Pina is getting spacers in her teeth so she is on mushy food and I over cooked this weekend we have too much food in the house :)
Tuesday: Chicken legs with the best roasted potatoes ever
Wednesday: Quinua, still searching for the right recipe and have some other sweet ideas in mind
Thursday: Chicken Tikka Masala
Friday: Fish Fry, this time Saint Mary's to support Pina's School
Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas, but does this mean I have to make my own tortillas?

Hope your weekend went well. Make the time to plan ahead this week, even if its only for one or two meals. I find if I at least have in mind what meals I know I can make, the rest falls in to place. I wont lie and say we stuck completely to the schedule I put forth last week but we made most of the meals and I was able to actually buy all the ingredients and food that we needed. Having the right ingredients allowed me to improvise. Eating real food isn't hard or more expensive it just takes a little more effort.

PS Little man actually ate asparagus tonight :) something is working

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