Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Waffle Challenge

Why didn't the tops cook?
How do I replace Eggo waffles with Nutella for breakfast?!

Borrowing my mother in laws waffle maker and using this recipe to make my own. Batter is chilling in the fridge so I can wake up and make them in the morning :)

Also I am not making us give up peanut butter and Nutella. I am sure I could make them all myself at home and maybe we will give them a try, they seem simple enough. But I have to give myself a few staples to keep around so that I can continue to run this house. I will share my results in the morning...

The morning of...waffle semi fail

Not quite Eggo
The recipe was too thin or something? Just wasn't what we were looking for; will keep researching. I am looking for a waffle that is crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside. How do I get that? Also while I think we like store bought buttermilk flavored items, in reality they tasted to...curdled? Pina complained that they needed more sugar or something to balance that "rotten milk" flavor (her quote). The kids did eat them and opted for using real maple syrup instead of store bought or the nutella (wanted to stay true to the Lenten promise, love them). Pina complained a bit as she doesn't love the flavor of maple syrup but melt in some butter with the syrup and she was sold! I mean really who doesn't like REAL maple syrup.

I will perfect waffles though before these 40 days are over!

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