Friday, March 7, 2014

Enjoy your weekend

Explain to me why the kid who eats right only gets a tiny ladder and the dog walker wins the game? Doesn't seem fair to me. hahaha oh well this weekend is lining up to be pretty fun. I am helping a friend work her Tower Garden table at the Learning Through Play conference downtown. It is a great event where they focus on open-ended play to help children learn to love learning on their own. Gardening can be a powerful tool for learning at any age!

Some Links to make the day go faster!

Words are a powerful thing, be careful what you say.

I try to use as much of the fruit and veggies we buy but I didn't know I might be throwing out the most nutritious parts?!

Quinoa is a super food/protein, that the whole family can agree on!

The most gorgeous man from my childhood is also a vegan, I'm very impressed and well he has an Oscar now.

Debating doing this cleanse, bought the online book and the pictures alone were worth it!

I'll admit that I have not always been the most understanding when it comes to food allergies since I love all things food, but this gave me a little perspective.

"We can choose every day whether to let life's little inconveniences make us miserable, or we can choose to smile and carry on. Better still, we can decide to try to make the world a better place; to lend a hand instead of pointing a finger."

Play a learning game this weekend! Even on the iPad :)

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