Friday, March 7, 2014

Vegetarian Days

OK so I am only two days into being a vegetarian (I guess actually a pescetarian since I am allowing fish) and I wanted to give a quick update. My meals have been going like this:

Lets summarize this in pictures...

First day lunch: left over quinoa, mixed with arugula, red peppers and radishes. I put a little tikka masala sauce on it too. I would say DELISH!

Dinner: Green chili roasted chick peas (literally thru a can of green chilies in a skillet with the chick peas and some garlic with a little water and roasted them) served over top red peppers, cottage cheese and broccoli. Chick peas were great, but what was I thinking with the cottage cheese?!

Lunch day two: This was a recipe from that cleanse I mentioned. I don't know if I am ready to go full throttle on the cleanse but I am definitely going to be adding some of the recipes during my veggie stage. 

Dinner: I was in kid transit mode between tutoring, soccer and a volleyball tournament so we had to eat the shoe leather subway. Not completely terrible, but I had to get every veggie there was just to fill the thing up! Of course Kiddo got bacon on hers and shoved it in my face every second she could; the little bugger. Sadly they lost their game but we ate mini DQ Blizzards to make up for it. 

For breakfast every morning I have been making different variations of the Juice Plus+ Complete Protein shake. These have been surprisingly filling. I am actually testing this shake as a weight loss technique? I work out pretty regularly but have plateaued with my weight loss. I really hate the idea of a diet, I mean I hear diet and I want to eat a pint of ice cream... So this has worked out nicely since it has just become a meal replacement and it is full of good stuff for me! I will let you know how it goes, I mean I am only two days in folks. 

Could you give up meat?

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