Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Genius Smoothie Moment

I absolutely hate cleaning my blender, getting it out and using it all together. But with this Juice Plus+ Complete Smoothie kick I have been on it has been a necessary evil...well until now! I found something that works a little bit quicker for me in the morning and is also very easy to clean. 


I grabbed the glass from my french press thru all my ingredients in (today was raspberries, JP+ vanilla protein, and my two orchard and two garden JP+ pills with coconut milk) and used my immersion blender to whip it all together. Quick and easy! Clean us was the even easier since I run the dishwasher everyday (product of three kids) I put the glass in the wash rinse the blender in the sink or put water the glass and blend that up with soap and every thing is clean no washer needed!  

It felt very AHA! for me this morning :) don't know if this would work with the green smoothie though since they need to be chopped up pretty finely but perfect for today's smoothie.  Quick update on the smoothie train: delicious and filling (even with just milk and protein)!! Maybe I will even weigh myself this week? 

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