Friday, March 28, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

I think about meat a lot right now. I guess because I can't have it...but it comes up more often in conversation than I even imagined. I think i was going thru a meat detox period there for the first two weeks. I felt weak, irritable and slow? Hard to explain but at first I thought maybe it was because I wasn't getting enough protein, so I really upped my game on adding as much protein as I could to everything. Finally someone said I was like an addict going thru withdraw and it made sense. My body was used to what I fed it, meat and lots of it. Now that it wasn't getting it, it was mad. I just had to give it time to figure out that what I was giving it was enough. I talked with a doctor friend and she said that for a female like me 50g of complete proteins were sufficient. I talked to a trainer and she said that was fine but for muscle gain and weight loss I should try and get at least 100g (even eating meat that is hard). But I am working on it...if you have any bright ideas let me know!

Broccoli, edamame, caramelized onions and orzo = 20g of protien!

And now some links to make it all better....

I think a lot about this, kids should be left to their own devices within reason and I think that is very important.

I think I should sew something this weekend? I think we all should

Kid lunch box rut, fix it bento style ;)

Go Dayton (not actually a fan but all my other teams have nee knocked out so I have to route for my state)

A friend and I have been doing the Bikini Body Mommy challenge and just started the meal planner, will let you know how it goes! Of course as a veggie and primary cook I have had to alter every single step, but at least she gives me a start....

An amazingly written open letter to the archdioceses in Cincinnati

15 more links here and well I love this site so you should too

Carol Filming right outside my office!!

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