Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: St. Williams Fish Fry

Yes it is that time of year again! When all the Cincinnatian's gather underneath each church to enjoy a good old fish fry. During lent this is really the main event each Friday church's boast about their amazon fish fry offerings, trying to gather more than just the usual parishioners. They have music and local radio stations and celebrities stopping by to boost sales and hopefully raise money for the church. In fact for some churches this is a bigger money maker for them than their annual fund?! 

My hubs family attends St. Williams so this is where we usually end up each week. I guess I am bias when I say that their fish fry is the best. Yes we have tried others, and while I am not a big fried food anything girl I like St. Williams and that might be for one reason...they have crab cakes!!! I feel like all the fish fry's offer the same pretty basic items; fried anything fish, but this is the only crab cake in town. 

The kiddo shares the shrimp platter with her brothers and then she works the bake sale or helps deliver food. We are not members of this church but they welcome her help with open arms and she loves it, even makes a tip or two. 

If you have never attended one of Cincinnati's many fish fry's I highly recommend you do. You may not make it out to St. Williams on the west side but there are plenty to choose from around the city. Some you go for the food and others you go for the good company and a time to sit with the family and just relish in the season. Fried food may not be your thing, but like I have said before I love arbitrary rules (only eat fish on Fridays). It makes for a nice family tradition :)

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