Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guess Who Fast Tracked to VF?

I have been completely bogged down with work lately; I have officially taken on too much. I am now currently a full time mother, cook, cleaner, 9-5 worker and Juice Plus+ VF with high hopes of becoming a sales coordinator! Oh and wanna be blogger, grocery shopper, dog walker x2, part time vegetarian, babysitter, wife (whoops that came late in the list) and friend (sadly that came even later). I feel like this list could get longer but I will spare you as I am very sure that we are all fighting our own battles of finding the balance. So to say the least the world has been spiraling out of control lately. Sort of in a terrible way as I hate feeling stressed, but sort of in a good way too. I have been working towards goals and accomplishing them.

Bought pizza for everyone else, and left over salad and 
cauliflower for me = dissatisfied vegetarian meal

Goal: Fast Track to JP+ Virtual Franchise

  • All JP+ reps start out as distributors; earning the difference between the whole sale price of the product and the retail price. 
  • Next you work to become a direct distributor (about 10 sales) and that is when you start earning commission. 
  • Next comes VF where you earn retail sales profit, commission and performance bonus. 
    • I choose the fast track method, which comes with extra bonus money.
    • I had sixty days to get 1 other person signed up to be a distributor and about 20 sales between the two of us; STRESS-ola

Double JP+ capsules for stressful days in my smoothie and in my body

Initially for me I was still grappling with the idea of even asking my friends to purchase JP+ let alone asking them if they wanted to join my team and sell with me! It took me two years of taking JP+ to even consider the idea of selling...It is a scary thing to sell. Luckily I have an AMAZING sponsor and JP+ as a company has made everything easy for me...like really too easy, do they just like giving me money? After throwing two parties and being able to tag myself and guests on to other parties in the area I was able to reach my goal! I stressed a little bit at the end trying to get that last sale to push me over. But honestly I shouldn't even call it sales, I feel like I am just sharing what is working for us with luckily some awesome research to back it up. You can either buy into it or not. I say at the end, every time I talk with someone new about JP+,  "If you walk away with nothing more than the idea of eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water, than I have done my job!" That feels like the truth, it is the truth and what I really want. I understand that for some it might be expensive to purchase JP+ and for others they wonder if the benefit is real even with all the research. That is their choice to make but I am glad that I gave them the choice. 

In my heart my goal has changed as I have pushed to fast track to sales coordinator. Yes the money has been nice, but the new friends I have made and the feeling I get that I am actually helping people with their families health is way better. See I do "buy into" the hoopla! My family has seen noticeable differences, I don't have to read the research to know that and that is enough for me.

Salad, zucchini steak and sweet potato mash with avocado = very satisfying 

Moving forward I am trying to let go of the stress and be happy with the progression of my life. This was just one goal and I nailed the first piece. I just have to keep focused and enjoy the journey. 
Quick plug: Message me on Facebook if you have been thinking about over extending yourself lately and want to have warm in fuzzies inside like me :) I have the inside track to the most fun team in the Cincinnati Area!

Onward and upward!

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