Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick Cute Baby Shower

I just had to share a quick post about my friends baby shower this weekend. It is always such a good time to get together with these girls. We don't always hang out and party like we used to and life has really taken us in different directions but it is nice to be able to show up to these events and pick up right were you left off. I haven't always felt like a part of the group sometimes. 

After high school I moved away got wild and crazy, came home got more wild and crazy and got knocked up and disappeared. I made the choices and am happy with where I am now and happy with this close friends I have now, but sometimes it is hard to feel a part of a group when you don't see them all that often and don't have those "stories" to tell from back in the day. I Was the first to have a kid so I left the party early. Lost a lot of friends because of it, but I guess it means the ones I have now are better? I hope so, but I digress. Baby shower...very fun and cute. They Threw it at Tres Belle Cakes, the cutest little bakery shop in Reading. 

Yummy food provided by Tres Belle

Baby boy presents!!!

Three kinds of puppy chow in the cutest doggy bowls! Cake bater was my favorite!

A dog made out of flowers, too freaking cute!

Rolled diapers a must and cute wash cloth puppies. 

Slugs, and snails and puppy dog tails; that's what little boys are made of. We have a couple of favorite baby items in our house; peek a boo blocks, the bumbo chair, honest diapers, and cars, lots of cars. I have a solution for those toys that make too much noise too. 

What are your must haves for baby?

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