Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lenten Promise Time Again

March 1st, perfectly sunny, 50 plus degree weather. Kids playing outside, burgers grilled. A taste of the spring that is to come. Hope that winter will end eventually.

Then March 2nd, 4 inches of snow at least another 2 inches of ice. This picture is where we had a fire on our front porch and drank all night with friends. Yup covered in wonderful snow! Oh mother nature you are a moody, hormonal lady sometimes!

Oh well being stuck inside allowed me to think about what I wanted to give up or take on this year as my "Lenten Promise". I wouldn't say I follow Lent in the most traditional christian/catholic manner. I usually take the forty days as an excuse to test myself. Give up pop or saying no, we gave up processed foods last year! Each time it is a way to test my determination to be better and my addiction to being lazy. I feel like if I am able to make it for forty days without something then I can do anything. And maybe at the end of that time I will realize that I don't need what ever it is I gave up. 

Well this year I decided to test myself again, but leave the family out of it (although I am sure they will get some of the effects). I plan to give up MEAT! Gah, become a vegetarian for forty days. Is bacon veggie-tarian? I love meat and I think that getting enough protein is an important part of everyone's diet. I also though feel great taking Juice Plus+ right now. I feel like I have more energy, workouts are easier and I know it is the 25 whole fruits, veggies and grains I am getting. The variety it is adding to my diet is awesome. So I am just taking that piece up a notch...forcing myself to add more variety, to stretch myself to add more vegetables and fruits. Also giving myself the opportunity to find alternative proteins. I have been reading this cleanse and it talks a lot about how animal protein isn't so good on the digestive track. I've heard it too in the JP+ talks and material and I go halfway on it...I believe in moderation. Animals are yummy and delicious but maybe I will see how this body does without them for a little bit. 

Keep following and lets see what I come up with. Yummy recipes, ups and downs, moody pieces and kids/hubs complaining. I will still be making meat which is what is going to make this even harder. Also for the family I am trying to up their fish intake so I will still be eating some fish, but only on Fridays and not just fried ;) I know a lot to take on for forty days but lets see how it goes?

Oh and just so you believe me, here is a another orange peel, every time folks!

Shamrock shakes for dinner, aka green smoothies ;)

Happy Fat Tuesday! Do you give anything up for Lent?

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