Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Sung Korean Bistro

Happy birthday to one of my big brothers, he would say favorite and I would say maybe :)
As a treat we took him out for lunch to his favorite downtown restaurant, Sung Korean Bistro. This place has all the charm of an old Korean restaurant and well the food is pretty awesome as well. Also late night this place seems to become the mecca for all the dinning industry to come and have a drink. It must be their infused house Sake. That can really pack a punch!

But today we could only come for the food. No sitting criss-cross style at the mini tables. Just a quick celebratory bite to eat. 

If you do have to sit on the floor, at least their chairs have the backs!

When you order your food they bring out a little appetizer plate that usually has three samples of very traditional Korean food. Kimchi, seaweed salad, roasted potato...all very yummy little treats while you wait. My brother and I order the same meal every time, the Dolsat Bibimbab. It is basically a hot stone bowl, like flaming hot still cooking the food hot bowl of deliciousness. They add rice, vegetables and your choice of meat than top it all off with a sunny side up egg. To kick up the heat level they add a red chili bean paste when they stir the bowl for you. Yes you read that right they stir your food for you! Now if they could just feed me too. 

This picture is steamy, that's how hot the food was. PS I had to get tofu which is not as delicious as the meat, sad replacement for their delicious meat. What is so great about the heat of the bowl is that it sort of burns the rice. But not in a gross inedible way, in a way that makes you want to eat every last bite of that rice. In fact I wont let them stir mine right away just so the rice can have a little more time to get a good crust on it. 

They do have other lovely items on the menu such as sushi and noodles, I have tried most of them. But I always come back to my stone bowl. It is comforting, warm, filling and very yummy in my tummy. 

Big thumbs up for this place if you are looking for dinning options in downtown Cincinnati! 

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