Friday, January 10, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

This weekend we are supposed to finally have my brothers and their families over for christmas dinner. We had to postpone exchanging gifts since my one brother spent the holidays in Orlando with his niece that is doing a Disney Internship. We are all very proud of her since it is a hard program to get in to and then you have to be gone for six months! She was amazing and had a great time, I am very excited to see her when she gets back.

I plan to make green chili stew (recipe to follow) and heat up some of the traditional favorites that they missed at christmas time. I guess I should make a batch of christmas cookies too and a cake for my niece sine it will be her 14th birthday. Ok wow this weekend just got busy! That's not even including the kiddo's volleyball games and hopefully looking at some homes? Whew I hope it doesn't fly by too fast.

How about some links to start your weekend?

I always try to let Bubba the four year old help with the cooking since he loves it so but I am always concerned of him making a mess or that maybe he can't do as much as I think he can. But then you read this and realize that you are completely underestimating your children. Another reason to love montessori!

My husband and I tend to do a lot of above, maybe we should get divorced? haha and not the way you are thinking!

Whole Foods is getting rid of Chobani yogurt, but maybe this is a good thing?

And hear the real story behind this picture that has taken the internet by storm! #TeamGrownAssMan

This made me laugh, I can never tell if a recipe is going in the win or lose pile but it's nice to have rules to think about.

I've always wondered what it's like to work in a kitchen? I think being a chef would be just the coolest, hardest, most fun job ever!

Last one, I challenge myself to take at least one of these recipes and make it delicious!

Make sure to take a pause this weekend and enjoy it!

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