Friday, January 24, 2014

Enjoy Your Weekend

This week has been a long hard one. Snow delays, canceled school, bitter COLD, husband out of town, stir crazy kids and an over worked momma. I chose the over worked part, taking on more than I can handle is usually something I excel at. I prefer to be busy, feel rushed; but this week got the better of me. I have fallen into a bit of a funk :( My weekly menus have been lack luster (dutch baby fail, to be explained later)
and the kids have disliked just about everything I have put on the table.

Cooking is usually my savior for a bad mood but these kids just haven't been into eating my cooking. And it's not like I have been making some crazy fancy meals of sole, bok choy and snails. Heck I made sloppy joes the other night and my bubbie about broke down crying he didn't want to eat it. Maybe we are all in a funk, winter blues?
This weekend is going to be busy so I better save my family from the funk. Maybe a dance party is in order tonight? A batch of homemade cookies? Extra Juice Plus? Something, anything to get everyone happy and harmonious again.

Well maybe some Links will move things along?

This is a great look at how money isn't necessarily everything. I needed this week too as part of my funk could be due to our dwindling accounts. Lots of BIG bills all came at once and somehow I was just not prepared.

If you've been thinking about cutting out processed foods, here are ten reasons why you should!

This made me laugh so hard. Especially since I can be such a contradiction when it comes to eating healthy...see example below (skyline with arugula!)

Is it just my kiddo or does everyone hate soggy cereal? She literally fills a bowl with cereal a glass with milk and then puts a bite in her mouth and then takes a drink! I am thinking she needs one of these

The cast iron is the workhorse in our house. I cook just about everything on it! Don't forget to season it.

I am not perfect, are you?

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