Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 Minute Pause

I am not a stay at home mom, not even close. In fact I joke that I would probably become an alcoholic if I was. This is not to say that being a stay at home mom is not an awesome decision for some people, or even being a stay at home dad at that! It's just not the right one for me. Soooo anyway where I am going with this is, I work full time. Which is a whole other box of frustration.

It is hard to work all day and then really only have from 530 till bedtime as quality time with your kids. Have to make the most/best of those 10,800 seconds. My kids vary a bit in ages so some are able to help more then others and some have things to do like homework so they can't be bothered to help (10, 4, 1yrs old) all of this can either make for a perfect tornado of ciaos. They can be very good at entertaining themselves though some nights. Giving mommy a brief hiatus from the shift of the stress at work to the stress of home life. My down time (if you can call it that) is cooking dinner; probably why they behave since they always seem to be STARVING. Side note: why do kids always use this exaggerated word, pick up four bites of food and then say they are SOOO full? hmmm

This night daddy wasn't going to be home so I just whipped together some healthy choices that I knew the kids would eat. Pickiness is prevalent at our house.

First I took the days frustrations out on three boneless skinless Amish chicken breasts. Smashed them up real good/thin! I like to do my bashing in a plastic bag is I can, so there are no guts splattering. 

Today we marinaded the chicken in Garlic Expressions; this is not organic and I am usually weary of products that say they are "100% natural" as this is not FDA controlled and pretty much anyone can use it. But that being said the ingredients are minimal mostly local and the only additive is xantham. Which if you read the article is the least of the bad, so the shiniest turd in the turd bucket. And it tastes yummy.

If you are wondering, yes I can make my own dressing and do often, but read above that working mom part we have to find the shortcuts where we can. 

Next I threw those bad boys on our indoor grilling pan for about 7 minutes the first side and 5 the second, at a low to medium heat. We cook with gas which can heat up very fast and burn if you aren't careful, just make sure the chicken is cooked through. While I was grilling the chicken I sliced up some green apples to the side and put on a pan of doctored up canned green beans (shame me if you would like, it was all I had on hand). I heat up a small fry pan with a pad of butter, put about a teaspoons of dried thyme and one pressed garlic clove. Let that heat up just to bring out the flavor then threw the drained can (squeezed of excess liquid) of green beans in the pan to "fry" till heated threw and finished them with a squeeze of lime. 

Tada! A delicious fast kid friendly meal; lightly seasoned grilled chicken, green beans and apple slices. 

The verdict was split, they ate what was on their plates and didn't complain so I will mark one on the win side. We really prefer fresh or frozen green beans but again this is what I had. My Kiddo (oldest 10yr daughter) actually liked the green beans and well everyone loved the chicken. Even if they don't eat all their vegetables at least I know they got their Juice Plus+ chewables, at least :)

Was this a fancy amazing meal...heck nah! Weekly meal planning is ideal but sometimes you have to go with the flow and this is what was on hand and quick to cook, less than 30 minutes. Being able to calm myself and prepare a healthy meal for my family is my happy place. (except when they hate what I cook but that will come later) This also allowed us plenty of time after to have a dance party. Where my bubba (4 yr old boy) proceeds to strip his shirt off like a Chippendale and the mister (1 yr old boy) bounced the night away. Maybe that is my happier place? 

Do you have any fast meals that work in your schedule?

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