Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Juice Plus Wine and Wellness Party

*Quick side note: we have had no internet/cable since Saturday :( which made bloggin very difficult. I think my Facebook status sums it up best...

Ok back to what I actually wanted to talk about:
Well I had Juice Plus+ party number two this weekend...and this time I gave the whole presentation! Boy was I nervous! It is a lot of information to get across with out being too preachy/know it all. Thank goodness it was just family and friends. So they laughed hysterically when I said areola cherry instead of acerola cherry, oops. Yeah I did that.
I am getting more comfortable with the information but still feel like I need to learn all the facts because some really great questions came up. How do they get all the fruits and veggies in four little capsules? Do I still need to take my multivitamin? My kids hate dairy, is there enough calcium or should they continue their supplements? Do your kids really like these gummies? I have seven people in my house how can I afford this?
All of these are such great questions and while I was able to answer most of them I had to look up some information so here are my answers:
A pic to break this up a bit. "Going to catholic school is better than the youtube video for pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" Yes my kiddo is awesome!

Answers to all your questions, well some:

  • How do they get all the fruits and veggies in four little capsules? 
    • watch this video, it is really cool! 
    • This link also takes you thru the process
  • Do I still need to take my multivitamin? 
    • This is a personal choice, JP+ has all the whole food nutrients that you need. But if you are deficient in a certain mineral you may want to consult with your physician first. I know that our family was taking multivitamins just to supplement the nutrition we were missing and now that we take JP+ we have stopped taking the multivitamins.
    • Also read this about how multivitamins can be bad for your health
  • My kids hate dairy, is there enough calcium or should they continue their supplements? 
    • Again look above for your answer.
    • I looked thru all the research I could on the JP+ site and it doesn't specifically say anything about calcium but it does mention that eating enough of the right kids of fruits and veggies helps your body with the absorption of the correct amount of nutrients. Also it has dark leafy greens (broccoli, kale, cabbage) which have plenty of calcium. 
  • Do your kids really like these gummies? 
    • yum yes, my bubbie is addicted to them. My kiddo the older girl took a little time to get used to them and mister has just started on the gummies and is quickly learning to bring me the package.
    • The first time you present them I would always offer the green garden gummies first as they are not as sweet as the red orchard. Also I never presented them as vitamins or healthy food, we just call them gummies like they are a treat!
  • I have seven people in my house how can I afford this?
    • Start small, try just the capsules for you and sign up one of the kids on the Children's Health Study so they can get theirs free. So two adults, and three kids to pay for but two kids free...still alot but...
    • Then honestly, I would become a distributor as you get a great discount and when you fall in love with the product you will be able to share all the health with your friends and family and potentially make some great money on the side!
    • Think about it folks $1.50/day for fresh fruits and veggies! I spend that on one apple a day which is not my recommended 7-13 servings. 
Well that is just a start to some of the answers. I hope that was helpful? Now lets move on to my second favorite part of these parties...the food! This was wine and wellness party so...


Used this link to create my cheese and pairings. I was lucky to run into a friend that used to own a wine shop and they helped me to pick out a red cabernet, Irony

Pecans, fig spread, dried blue berries and rice crackers for my gluten free friends and some random hummus and sliced apples. 

Blue cheese, salami, mahon, a kind of parm, dark chocolate, brie, grapes and gouda.

The salami pared awesome with the mahon or the parm! Also the fig with the blue cheese was incredible. 

One of my guests brought this perfect bouquet to add to the table. Sunshiny on a cold snowy day!

I tried to be creative in my offerings and I think it was a hit. I have a random assortment of plates and cheese knives so it doesn't look as clean as some people's offerings. I think that the little name tags for everything really helped and brought the look all together. It was just the right amount of everything (too much so yummy leftovers). 

My friend stayed way late after and we drank the rest of the wine and ate too much of the cheese. It was great :) I am trying to convince her to join my team. It was a great little informational party and everyone walked away with a sample for their kids to try and some even dived right in and signed up. I feel honored to have friends and family that trust that I am not trying to sell them a crap product but the Juice Plus + really has helped our family to get and stay healthy. 


  1. You are hilarious! Fresh, fun, honest, informative, creative and real. I enjoy your blog so much and appreciate the wit and wisdom along with practical tips for my family. I wholeheartedly agree Juice Plus is the real deal. Thank you!!

  2. Are you still blogging and doing JuicePlus?


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